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APRIL 2015




I'm sure this joke has been done. I just wanted to draw a naked guy's ass.



more sitar tom-foolery  






  F4 pencil. The return of the great returner.







  more 9 hour flight art


somewhere in India






MARCH 2015


The drawing activity that got me from Mumbai back to London.  



  petting zoo comic






Sitar action  




  plane crash comic






  CreDi returns from India. Much experience. Big learnings. Large love.




man with drawing



scenes from lost paintings












Will try for an update if possible but CreDi is headed to India for 9 days. Sitars, shehnai and sahdus await us.


  CreDi will resume regular programming if we are not lured to our ancestral home of Dwarka beneath the waves.



  cereal comic




the female CreDi ingredient



Sorry I've been a bit delinquent.

I have this hot chick staying with me

and she's been taking up all my time

if you know what I mean

if you catch my drift

if you see where I'm coming from

if you get it

if you understand

if I make sense



too many ifs spoil the then





  london dystopia



  london black white




The new CreDI HQ finally coming into shape



We don't wish to alarm you

we know you have problems enough

what with that thing sticking in your head

but we feel obligated to inform

that in these times of troubles

we need to conform

and you need to be concerned

all this fear is the reverse alarm

the one that puts you to sleep





  1% comic



Bioluminescent remains of a passenger float by

in the twinkling black ink of the sea

Covered in the green grasses of the deep

the temptations and the slippery



Too late the lullabye

to land is to sleep


Instead to be eaten

and our secrets to forever




Exactly halfway across the Atlantic

swims a menagerie of opportunists

hoping to host and entertain

the restless punters stuck onboard


  Took my seat on the plane. Something I had eaten was making me more jittery than usual. I dove into the tablet to distract myself with the fury of a thousand zen masters. No success.
  Stuffed full planes barely groan into the air like the fat holiday makers they are filled with attempting to raise themselves from the dinner chair.
  If the plane gets tired the ocean is always ready to have it as a guest. Only 30,000 feet between your feet and the blue blanket ready to cover you with gentle swells.



More Trans-Atlantica:::::




  stupid t-shirt comic


Another "Somewhere over the Atlantic series" :

SotA #1

As you stow your bags, claim your seat and settle in for 9 hours of confinement the 3-Ribbed Horn-a-lot snuggles in beside you.



  hegel comic






















he always loved me even if he didn't always "get" my art





  recipes of the third reich






  torture comic



The last of the LPs I could not part with.  



  cat comic


  new age comic





  ask god


Leuven, Belgium












tablet work










The move is almost complete/

Work will soon resume at pace/

This is (not) a numbers station/



  jesus comic



I'll be making a few trips back in the coming days but tonight is my last night in the Water Tower. I've lived here for about a year and a half. Here's me and (most of) the paintings I did during my stay.

I wanted to live in this building as soon as I first saw it. I'm glad I did. Hopefully some of the photos I've posted here atest to the mighty views. It's time to move on though.

I'm forever in debt to the structure for giving me habitat in which to make these works. I'm confident I've left the portal robust for the next time I come 'round.


  never bored comic



  operating theatre
  Operating theatre dissection table. Leuven, Belgium.



  hobo comic



  Somewhere in Leuven, Belgium.





::::::Current Events Update:::::

Wow, everybody is spooked about that one stuff. And it sure sounds like we got to look out for those one guys because they're pretty mean.

Meanwhile, there's a group of people who think things should be done differently than another group of people who disagree. That will be a tough one!

Do you have the right to do something I don't want you to do and are you trampling my rights by trying to keep me from keeping you from doing those things?

Good to see there's some new stuff to buy though. That always helps us feel better. I'm not sure which one I'm getting yet.

Sometimes it feels like Twextering has gone too far! Socialing is a good thing but is all the stuff being said sincere?






Ink on paper.













Tuxedomoon is one of those bands that I figured I'd never get to see but thanks to their show in Leuven, Belgium I'm able to wipe that notion off the map. I wouldn't call myself a Tm freak but I've never stopped listening to Blaine Reininger's "Night Air" these many long years, so it was real cool to see him perform and hear his voice. I walked by Steven Brown when I first entered the place. Like I said, I'm not a Tm fanboy so I wasn't positive it was him. Now I wish I woulda shook his hand. Oh well.

I managed to Cabaret Voltaire in Chicago in the mid 80s and somehow seeing Tuxedomoon partly felt like placing a bookend on two bands that were sort of similar, but then, really not. It's complicated, I guess.

I let out a mighty cry when I approached the venue and saw that Arto Lindsay is playing there in November. I don't think I can manage to justify another trip back this soon though! Aargh.


  tuxedomoon 2014 tour  









Alas, the days of CreDi Central HQ in the fab Water Tower are soon coming to an end. The austerity forced upon me and my kind by the always-deserving-more 1% is forcing me to downsize.

In the relatively short time I've been here I have done the best painting of my life (8 of them, give or take) and managed to write a few decent short stories. Also, recorded some decent songs here and compiled some fun video for a few of them.

I fear I'll have to keep the noise down in the new place as it isn't composed of two-foot-thick brick walls like The Tower is! But it's time for the major writing phase of my life to begin anyway. I have several short stories in progress and of course, a massive novel in semi-process that keeps me up at night. The new, smaller place I'm heading will help to "cram me against the keyboard" and probably make it easier for to concentrate on writing.

The Water Tower is so cool that I knew I had to do it justice with what I painted therein. I think I succeeded. Speaking of which, posted below is a foto of what will be the last painting of the Tower series.








  surreal painting  




  space nanny




  husserl archive

Successful pilgrimage to the Husserl Archive in Leuven, Belgium.

I didn't have to time to do any actual reading (and probably wouldn't have been allowed to anyway) but it was great to see the related ephemera as well as gaze at the contents of his personal library.

It was nice to be able to stroll freely into a university building and be greeted by a "yes" and a smile from a nice person at a desk when asking if it was OK to just look around. Unlike UK universities that seem to exist in a state of TOTAL LOCKDOWN.

What's up with that, anyway, Brits? It's one of the few areas where America is better than you. Give me browsing access to all university libraries or give me death!

  husserl archive
  husserl archive







sound and shadow

shadow and sound

between the two

we will know

that you are around




pens, ink and brush, pencils, cretacolor,

various white-tipped things.




  feminist cartoon







For all those who like it when I do the stupid shit.  

Some mixed-media thing I did a long time ago.


  smart phone cartoon



frozen in mid doing.




Boy that one stuff is pretty crazy and who would have though we'd have THAT going on again?!

It's a real shame to hear about whats-his-name but it's good to hear so-and-so is doing better.

Let's all join together and try to do what we can concerning this bad stuff.

And in entertainment news:

4 STARS for that one movie but sadly only 2 STARS for the other one.







Oh yeah. I'm so lame I forget to even plug my own work on my own web site! I published a very short story by Dalkin Sedgewick on SmashWords (for free!). dalkin sedgewick





somewhere in a Vienna shop window wiener mag




  free water a good deal to be had on the Danube






  social media facebook cartoon






  soul implant  






new music video by

The Step-Humans





  spoiled brat cartoon  


comments powered by Disqus  



new music

new video








    coffin cartoon



  photos of things inbetween








somewhere in





  stoner cartoon






Somewhere in Wein.




What time is it?

Time to get crazy!







  pervert cartoon



Tablet work that could use more work but sometimes you just move on.
















JUNE 2014

  anti-christian cartoon









































  hobo hipster cartoon





a view from the studio





  death cartoon




  Kant cartoon



  tablet boy cartoon




  school cartoon



  The moon is Lucifer and looks after us at night.


  nostalgia sketch




So, at tea-time today I said something funny to the person sitting next to me and a few minutes later they repeated it to a couple people sitting across from us and got laughs! I mean, a genius like me is used to being ripped-off but that one was pretty bold!

















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Dark Matter been giving us more peeks!


BLITZAR detected in real time!
"circularly polarised" - now THAT'S what I'm talking about.



A black hole collision is a conflict between two entities that just want to keep things to themselves.


Here's a direct link to that new cool (hot?) NASA picture of the Sun:

At CreDi HQ these are considered pretty much the best three albums of all time:

  rue de siam



Evidence of dark matter? I already have evidence! There's no way I can weigh as much as I do. It has to be dark matter's fault. Dang you, dark matter!

Does it matter
this dark matter?

Without it
would we splatter
on the windshield of space?


Comets not H2O source -but I'm thirsty anyways!


Stone Age Axe with handle!


My God it's full of stars! Extra squiggly light in the (multi)universe.


Gladiators were vegetarians. Guess that means they would be healthy grain-fed meat for the lions?


Janitoring is no laughing matter.


In case you missed this stuff on ancient cave art.


Colossal squid!


I rather enjoyed this Huff post piece on a cursed painting. I can only relate so much because for me it's usually the other way around - I curse my paintings.

What's the sound of one atom clapping?


3000 year old Siberian bone armour! One could only hope it's human bone.


Neanderthal Art?? No, not mine, you cheeky git! I mean THIS STUFF.


Cornwall-shaped lightning - the really weird part was when delicious Cornish pasties started raining out of the sky.


Islands of plastic trash in the oceans? Hey, any real estate is good real estate! I can think of worse things than becoming King of Trash Island.


Dino-Birdo-riffic! 4-winged fossil.


I'm all into the young people's music - sometimes to a fault - when friends accuse me of being "overly- enthusiastic" about a band etc, so it's good sometimes when a hip, happening band like Parquet Courts comes around with all the buzz and I simply don' Therefore, no links from me. But I'm sure they're probably nice guys.


I dig this Norwegian's vibe: Todd Terje


Another Earth-like planet
I wonder what the fracking opportunities are there??



Saturnian moon Titan weirdness.

Nice crop circle in Italy.


The Earth has a vast underground ocean! QUICK, let's get our greatest capitalist minds together to figure out how we can pollute it!



Hot damn. I'm a believer! Witch Hats fuckn rock! Australia proves it's not just a shark-encircled Mad Max wasteland yet again. I'm not a mega live-gig kind of guy any more but this album instantly makes me want to see them live.


DANG! Pyrrhon may be the most hardcore band of all! Not for the faint of heart but I dig it!



Haven't read the entire page yet myself but this seems like a good synopsis of German Idealism if you're so inclined. (C'mon, you KNOW it's better than watching football and eating pizza!)


This cat knows jazz! Check him out.
Remi Panossian
and his trio on the youtubes


Came across this concept today: mereological nihilism
I've long suspected my penis isn't real and this pretty much seals it.


This outfit is super duper good:
Cold Mailman


I'm finally getting around to reading some Fichte. It beats peeling onions. What is this Wissenschaftslehre you speak of?


If you're in need of some Finnish power-pop-punk you could do far worse than these guys:
Kapungin Valot


Liking these guys much:
Hatcham Social


Today's Latin:
incuria sui - lack of care for oneself.


Burn baby burn!
"World's oldest solar device"
(I wonder how many ants they killed with it)


"I like not the ambitious artists who would fain play the ascetic and the priest, and are at bottom nothing but tragic clowns."
---Friedrich Nietzsche
The Genealogy of Morals.


I dig this cat's vibe:
Gang Colours