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OCT 11 2007

Testing.....1,2,3...........coming to you from the British Isles......can you hear me?

Oi! I've been watching the BBC for my news and I'm jonesing for obnoxious, smug, asshole American reporters.
Somebody shove a FOX broadcaster in a box and send 'em my way.

We're trying to set up shop in this place:

I decided to pose with a few of the albums that changed my life before we had to part company.

Can you spot your favorite?





America, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways.

Do numbers go high enough?
Did we get high enough?
You and I?
Let's count the days
Spent in mourning
Played in sand
Reaching always higher
Till that mommy-bitch slapdown
That set us right again

America we march for you

...................................................................long distance romance dick clit


    arm all fetuses

And to my soon-to-be-British friends I'd like to go ahead and extend an invitation to
come hear my series of free lectures on America - coming soon to a UK intersection near you.
dave lectures on america

Okay everyone, I'm outta here tomorrow. Next me meet it shall be over tea and crumpets.

Big Dave Holtek


OCT 2 2007


Well folks it's time to pack up the computers along with everything else. Creative Disease is moving to the United Kingdom this Sunday, October 7th. We will try to continue updating as time and internet access allows but no doubt things will be sparse for a while.

We know that our good friends who have supported us from the get-go will stick with us and we hope any new comers to this site will be patient and not forget us. We promise to offer up much Euro-trash inspired art and profanity in the months to come.

In the meantime I managed to add two more archived pages (pages 23 and 22 above) for any of you who are fairly new here - hopefully there's some entertaining stuff on those 2 pages you haven't seen yet.

Wish us luck.



and remember.......even if you don't visit us often, Penatron is always watching you from the corner.

Your pal,

David Holtek


OCT 1 2007 one week left in America - one weak lefty in America

IrrAtioNaLitY is a big part of art - or at least should be


irrationality like cutting up old paintings and making a collage of them when you should be preparing to move your entire household and operations overseas


but when the voices never shush the hands must release the brain lest the brain release the hands and we all now how ugly that can get


keep on workin'

surreal collage holtek  

I've never met her but I know her by her tattoos - thanks Mary - ink artist: Angus Oblong
mermaid tattoo Angus Oblong


8 1/2 DAYS LEFT (is that what Fellini meant?)

Behold the Holy Grail of school yearbook photos!

The Sneaked in Bird

flipping bird yearbook photo  


Among many cherished objects recently sacrificed in The Great Movement To Reduce Our Belongings By 75%
was the legendary Rhythm Ace.
To hear it in action listen to "Shaky" mp3 below.

rhythm ace



SEPT 26 2007

  doll house design flaw litigation cartoon holtek  

far along the disgusting avenue i encounter america and we each say a prayer i for the world and it for itself

but despite our differences we both turn and check out each other's ass

america i'll always love you



Can anyone be surprised that as we physically grab this creative powerhouse known as Creative Disease and literally wrestle
it from the earth that a surge in paranormal activity would result?

First on these very hallowed grounds:
ufo magic encounter





And then from far-flung locales where one of our collaborators resides -


A grainy sighting of a Giant Man-Eating Stoat

giant man eating stoat attack

and now.......a brief musical interlude.........circa 1985......"Shaky, Okay, Now Steady" by the Back Alley Contortionists

And yeah......I SWEAR I was here in Ann Arbor the whole time! "Christ Statue Vandalized - Lucifer Left Untouched"



I've been trying to make return visits to some favorite photographic sites before I am soon reduced to photographing castles, ancient ruins, boring shit like that.

This little spot is just north of Cincinnati, Ohio. A stone's throw from interstate 75. The first picture I took of it years ago was the first photo I ever sold. I'm glad it's still there and it's always hard for me to resist climbing in and stealing those signs. It's just a matter of time before the building gets torn down and they'll be gone forever.

Those were the days - when the sexes were segregated prior to being strip-searched by security guards while exiting the factory.

Today things are so much more complicated. Which exit would a pre-op tranny choose? Or Ben Affleck?



So, OJ's back in the news.........great.......just when I was making some headway in Hegel's Phenomenology of Spirit again!
Now I'm back glued to the tube.


SEPT 18 2007


In loving memory of Turok -

may she forever frolic in that great big pant's leg in the sky




Last night in bed the side of my ass started to itch and hurt a bit. I figured it was a spider bite. This morning I woke up with a
lump so big it was like I had 3 butt cheeks.

I was going to say there is something "marginally creepy" about this sign but I decided it's just plain old creepy  




And so comes an end to my tenure in the ceramic studio of Willam Schultz. Many thanks for his guidance and hands-off style.

Thanks to Priyagi Mehta for her many technical and artistic suggestions and for assistance in helping me finish last-minute projects.

I hope I get a chance to work with clay again someday but for now I plan on switching over to Sculpey to satisfy my 3D impulses.

I've tried to pay homage to Jesus, Satan, Cephalopods, Tits and Dicks to the best of my ability.

May they all return the courtesy some day.

Here's one of 3 final pieces:

"Jesus Lays an Egg"

Jesus lays an egg jesus parody art holtek

And coincidentally coinciding with my retirement from ceramica the fine poeple at SQUID.US have been kind enough to
post a pic of my "Squid Kettle"

A face full of spider

photo by David Rutland


"I'd rather be self-righteous than self-wrongtious" - Dan Holt

New series?



Did you miss me? I didn't think so.
On the internets no one can hear you scream.
We had a surge of visitors in July and August but porn and LOL Cats must have lured them away.
We're all alone now. Just you and me.
Are you comfortable?
Can I get you something to drink?
You look fabulous in that outfit.

Want some gum?

If you love something kill it and stick a pin in it and display it on your wall

1 in 3 people still believe Iraq was responsible for 9-11.
2.8 out of 3 people believe Jesus was a zombie and rose from the dead.
So, what's your point?
At least with Jesus we eat HIS flesh and NOT the other way round.
It's like a gentler, kinder form of zombism.

IT'S THE DAY AFTER YESTERDAY but then you said that yesterday

One CreDi staffer recently got a swell send-off:
British flag cake

Join the Outdoor Grill Liberation Front - here's one liberated with veggies and tofu
tofu grill

..............................................murder cartoon holtek


We will return with internet content in a few days. In the meantime, please rise up.


Indeterminate Number of Days Left

a dog grooms its genitals in full view of the President

foreign policy inspired by stained bondage sado masochism rag

legislating fellatio

as Trannies take roll call

half of America is sequestered in Church

while their politicians sodomize the tardy alter boy

legislating morality with one hand up a 12 year old's ass

invoking Jesus with a mouth full of Satan cock

Your Representatives are jacking off in your coffee

fisting with lubed hands clutching Bible passages

Behold the American Orgy

"Love between the ugly is the most beautiful love of all" - Todd Rungren

Ann Arbor Sidewalk Art - Artist Unknown


We know how you feel
We've all been there
The suffocating Real
The nosebleed meals


Skin like a peel
We're digesting
Round the clock ills
Way past our fill


Caressing concrete on our slow march to the End


Will you crack me open and remove my yolk-like soul?


Sunny side up please



The Republican School of Fellatio.

The Big Republican Book of Men's Restroom Pick-Up Techniques

The Ancient Greek Senate was full of men fucking boys. In politics things never change.

Rumor has it that the Congressional bathroom stalls are riddled with "glory holes"

Scientists have confirmed that if you're rich, white, Republican and Christian that you are genetically bound to suck cock.
Don't fight it. Legalize it and kick your wife to the curb or just tell her to crop her hair and stop shaving her legs.
Marriages are about compromise.






Astronomers report:

Great 'Cosmic Nothingness' Found


Okay, I feel better now.


AUG 25 2007

...........................................transubstantiation the other white meat cartoon david holtek


AUG 23 2007

Dear visitors, please be patient and don't abandon us. The countdown is started for moving Creative Disease
Headquarters to the UK. Only a few more weeks on American soil. We're trying to keep content up while we jump thru
the circus hoops of an international move. We need you now more than ever. We're scared. Please hold us.

I'm not sure what this means but I like it and it's our newest shirt:

vampire don't quit your day job - holtek


A tattoo in progress and CreDi gets more progressive:

john bordeaux naked with tattoo



AUG 22 2007



AUG 19 2007

  death all request night cartoon holtek  


Clergy Enlisted To Help Quell Unrest During Martial Law Hmmm......that sounds a bit familiar.....

Photo by Komet


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"Mood shift shift back to good again. C'mon be a friend"
"-Of Montreal


"It's like a discipline without the discipine of all the discipline"
-LCD Soundsystem



"And if you wish it will still hurt as before. I can hear you breathing I know you're there."
-Crispy Ambulance





"He who lives as children live - who does not struggle for his bread and does not believe that his actions possess any ultimate significance - remains childlike."




"karen put me in a chair fuck me and make me a drink I lost direction and I'm past my peak I'm telling you this isn't me no this isn't me Karen believe me you just haven't seen my good side yet"
-The National




"He drank panther piss and fucked the girls you're probably married to"
- Nick Cave



"The path to enlightenment is not reached by car and its landmarks will be signs on the soles of the feet."
-David Holtek



"I'm going to do things to you that are beyond all known philosophies."
-Duran Duran (Barbarella)



"Man is a rope stretched between the animal and the superman - a rope over an abyss"
- Nietzsche



"I used to be carried in the arms of cheerleaders."
-The National





"B-b-b-baby he's screaming the truth. America, America is killing it's youth"




"Let's have some decorum."
-Monochrome Set



"I don't care what weapons you use just as long as you keep me amused."
-James Chance




"Nag nag nag"
-Cabaret Voltaire



"In America, for every action there is an equal and opposing inaction"
-Dave Holtek



"You know it's time we grow old and do some shit."
-Broken Social Scene




"Can you dig it? Can you dig it?
Can yooooo dig it?
-Sirus The Warriors




"I hesitate to deposit money in a bank. I am afraid I shall never dare to take it out again. When you go to confession and entrust your sins to the safe-keeping of the priest, do you ever come back for them?"
-Jean Baudrillard





"Merchant and pirate were for a long period one and the same person. Even today mercantile morality is really nothing but a refinement of piratical morality."




"Like a dark stripe down the center of the night, two's as good as one."
- Arto Lindsay