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AJUNE 2016






MAY 2016


  trump fonz 2016

















re-worked and










APRIL 2016












A quick word here. I reckon this photo for the most part is simply "pastorial" but for my eye it's one of the creepier, more unsettling shots I've taken in a while.







Giant alien ant head fossil.








the start of some video I am doing for my good friend and stellar musician Fruit Pie (the magician) aka Randy Cheek of The Ready Stance and Ass Ponies. Get Fruit Pie's RELEASE.













MARCH 2016














from a dollhouse display at museum in Worthing.










The new CreDi HQ is taking shape.

We should be up to full operational capacity in a few days.




  forest trump







Please bear with us. Creative Disease is moving headquarters again! Regular programming will return as soon as we're settled in!













  titanic comic






















  multi-task comic













  ego comic









welcome to the nightmare that keeps on giving





  selfie comic








  jesus christmas comic cartoon






  mom's note comic



Becca the Alchemist



  levitation comic






  god satan comic











  existential comic
















Free advice for the Jebs Bushes  












  rupert murdoch black president fela kuti






  gun comic







Not just another day at the office. Pencils on A3 paper.



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  facial recognition comic



  The old timer. The gentleman. The old salt and his salty tales. The stories. The way things were. The way things will be just as soon as things get ship-shape. No nonsense nods. No mucking about. Unless it's story time. Then sit down. Pull a chair and hear a tale. A salty story about wild times. He's an old timer with a hint of virility still twinkling in his eye.











  donald che guevara trump


Continuing with A3

series drawings

edition tZx3-220-R







  caesar comic



  cool drawing























.................pencil paper








more pencil on

A3 paper










Here's the shot from the Mars Rover. I cropped it, adjusted levels and unsharp mask'd it.


And here's the same photo enlarged. I give it a "5.6" on the mildly interesting scale.






Bond. Dolan Bond.  








Dolan Trumps

Election '15













JULY 2015


One of many in a series of I-don't-cares.

Reality has permanently surpassed fiction in the field of absurdity.

Clowns, criminals and celebrities comprise the team. A psychedelic freak-out of lowest common denominator dream.

Even that which is tragic has become engulfed by a jellatinous layer of buffoonery.

As loudmouths argue in forums Rome will burn. Et tu, Brute? asks the Earth to the man-thing.

There's nothing to laugh at when everything's already mocking itself.








  ariana grande comic









JUNE 2015
























only 2 shots of London



MAY 2015



  selfie comic









During my visit to India I spotted this on the wall of one of the rooms I slept in.

I consider it my one (?) encounter with Shiva.













  scene that no longer exists from a painting










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BBC Science: Proto-Neandertals


BBC Science: Fast Stars (party hard)


BBC Science: Missing Link Lizard (misses bus)


Bonobo communication.


565,00 year old tooth in France. What were THEY like??


Fantastic atomic age science facility porn


Dark Matter been giving us more peeks!


BLITZAR detected in real time!
"circularly polarised" - now THAT'S what I'm talking about.



A black hole collision is a conflict between two entities that just want to keep things to themselves.


Here's a direct link to that new cool (hot?) NASA picture of the Sun:

At CreDi HQ these are considered pretty much the best three albums of all time:

  rue de siam



Evidence of dark matter? I already have evidence! There's no way I can weigh as much as I do. It has to be dark matter's fault. Dang you, dark matter!

Does it matter
this dark matter?

Without it
would we splatter
on the windshield of space?


Comets not H2O source -but I'm thirsty anyways!


Stone Age Axe with handle!


My God it's full of stars! Extra squiggly light in the (multi)universe.


Gladiators were vegetarians. Guess that means they would be healthy grain-fed meat for the lions?


Janitoring is no laughing matter.


In case you missed this stuff on ancient cave art.


Colossal squid!


I rather enjoyed this Huff post piece on a cursed painting. I can only relate so much because for me it's usually the other way around - I curse my paintings.

What's the sound of one atom clapping?


3000 year old Siberian bone armour! One could only hope it's human bone.


Neanderthal Art?? No, not mine, you cheeky git! I mean THIS STUFF.


Cornwall-shaped lightning - the really weird part was when delicious Cornish pasties started raining out of the sky.


Islands of plastic trash in the oceans? Hey, any real estate is good real estate! I can think of worse things than becoming King of Trash Island.


Dino-Birdo-riffic! 4-winged fossil.


I'm all into the young people's music - sometimes to a fault - when friends accuse me of being "overly- enthusiastic" about a band etc, so it's good sometimes when a hip, happening band like Parquet Courts comes around with all the buzz and I simply don' Therefore, no links from me. But I'm sure they're probably nice guys.


I dig this Norwegian's vibe: Todd Terje


Another Earth-like planet
I wonder what the fracking opportunities are there??



Saturnian moon Titan weirdness.

Nice crop circle in Italy.


The Earth has a vast underground ocean! QUICK, let's get our greatest capitalist minds together to figure out how we can pollute it!



Hot damn. I'm a believer! Witch Hats fuckn rock! Australia proves it's not just a shark-encircled Mad Max wasteland yet again. I'm not a mega live-gig kind of guy any more but this album instantly makes me want to see them live.


DANG! Pyrrhon may be the most hardcore band of all! Not for the faint of heart but I dig it!



Haven't read the entire page yet myself but this seems like a good synopsis of German Idealism if you're so inclined. (C'mon, you KNOW it's better than watching football and eating pizza!)


This cat knows jazz! Check him out.
Remi Panossian
and his trio on the youtubes


Came across this concept today: mereological nihilism
I've long suspected my penis isn't real and this pretty much seals it.


This outfit is super duper good:
Cold Mailman


I'm finally getting around to reading some Fichte. It beats peeling onions. What is this Wissenschaftslehre you speak of?


If you're in need of some Finnish power-pop-punk you could do far worse than these guys:
Kapungin Valot


Liking these guys much:
Hatcham Social


Today's Latin:
incuria sui - lack of care for oneself.


Burn baby burn!
"World's oldest solar device"
(I wonder how many ants they killed with it)


"I like not the ambitious artists who would fain play the ascetic and the priest, and are at bottom nothing but tragic clowns."
---Friedrich Nietzsche
The Genealogy of Morals.


I dig this cat's vibe:
Gang Colours