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NOV-DEC 2009





  buy one get one freak














  minarets switzerland







Off to the Rheinland for a few days.........





  surreal wall




  sarah palin going rogue mash up


Palin and Beck in 2012 - because the apocalypse can't come soon enough



  hat cartoon










I'm finishing up a few things. Whatchoo doing?


A random arrangement of objects

























my friends ain't right



Jesus appears on truck window


I bet this is sending shockwaves through the 'would Jesus drive a Ford or a Chevy?' crowd.


Drunk vs Lamp Post

Rule number one - don't talk about fight club.

Perth is obviously full of pussies.











'ghosts', sleep paralysis etc.

been there done that



The Halloween Mask



some linx

another foot found

"whale junk" on beach (I don't think they use the word "junk" the way Americans do)









The Siren

colored pencils




Who is Soul X and in which time zone exists The Time Being?



I'm working on some new stuff right now so stay tuned. I didn't so much sleep last night as half-hover over my sketchpad in bed drunk with half-ideas and semi-jokes - predawn voices skirting the edges of the sublime like lab rats hatching a plot.

My normality clock is off.

Why set an alarm when every moment is alarming?




Here's my version:

  game over shirt murder



  camel tow truck



Guest Blogger:


Hello CreDi. Thanks for having me on. I'm a big fan.

A lot of people have been asking what my opinion is on healthcare reform. Well, let's talk about my opinion of healthcare - live hard, take chances, fuck a lot, do some drugs,
commune with nature and die with style. Enough said.

Is Obama the Anti-Christ? No. Fundamentalist Christians are the Anti-Christ.

My biggest pet peeve? When someone tries to sell me their soul and it ain't worth
the shit it's made out of.

Is Hell a bad place to be? Nope, as long as all the religious people go elsewhere.

Does climate change worry me? Well, what most don't understand is that I am THE
foremost Naturalist and lover of all things soft and squishy, so, in the short run it will
be a drag, but if it kills off all the humans, then, well, this planet might be pretty
lush again, as well as soft and squishy......well, until He butts in again and makes another man and woman and commands their family to fuck each other. Incest might
make for interesting porno but it's no way to populate a planet.

Rinse. Repeat.





As you might well imagine, this essentially being a one-man operation it's not always easy to keep the site fresh on an almost-daily-basis. Don't get me wrong. I HAVE the material - boxes and boxes of it, hard drives full of it - a preternaturally creative brain overflowing with it. It's more just a question of the time it takes to get it all into net-form and published. So, to ease a bit of the burden I've decided to undertake something that's already fairly well popular on many other sites - the phenomenon of the GUEST BLOGGER.

And yes, we don't like to do anything small here, so we're thrilled to announce that our first official guest blogger is none other than The Walking Dude, Old Scratch. Yes, graciously lending a red right hand to Creative Disease for the next few days will be The Playful Prince - Satan.

To start things off and since I'm blushing with fanboy pride having Lucifer on the other end of the line I've decided to do a bit of question and answer and then I'll let S. - can I call you "S"? - take it from there.

S: Yeah, sure. Call me what you want just don't call me late for the Apocalypse!

CD: Ha! That's what we like about you here, S. You seem to have such a better sense of humour than that "Other Guy".

S: Well, you might be a bit testy too if your main claim to fame was the populating of a planet with people through the miracle of incest.

CD: Ouch.

S: Nothing personal.

CD: So, can you give us a sneak peek at what topics you might be covering in your all-too-short time with us?

S: Well, I figure I should address the Obama question. I'll probably vent about a few of my pet peeves (people talking loud on cell phones anyone??) And maybe indulge in a bit of self-promotion along the lines of "Hell ain't a bad place to be."

CD: Great. We can't wait. In the meantime a lot of ink has been spilled about you lately. Can you think of any quotes that are your favorite?

S: Sure. I like this one - "God made the universe in 6 days. Satan made it interesting in a moment."

CD: Oooh, we like that! Where's it from?

S: C'mon now - from you of course. It's a David Holtek.

CD: Oh yeah, *ahem* right.







Trust is a noose - a bag of rocks disguised as a buoy - trust is a funhouse mirror.

I thought I needed her but then I realized I didn't even need myself.

I checked my watch and there were no hands.


Some preliminary work in a certain direction  




CreDi is proud to present a film in two parts by our official BFF - James Shystie  


from the private collection of PriMe: Eyeroglyphics





  Just a casual stroll on the beach and there it was - Patrick Swayze's pancreas











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