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MARCH 2010




Wales trip #1



cardiff rough






This here is one of the last digital things I was working on before I quit doing digital things (well, digital
paintings at least) I was calling it Disturbances in the Black and White. I don't consider it finished and
it will most likely remain that way.








Let's see, what's happening in the world? That one stuff is going on over there in that one country and

in America, well, they sure are wrapped up with those issues.

A few celebrities did some noteworthy things lately, I think.

Spring is on the horizon. Hey, that's usually viewed as a good thing, right?

The internet is still working.

No known reports of asteroids headed our way so I guess we're good to go for another week or so!


back before the photoshops and suches one had to come about weird photos honestly


this was the holtek studio 'round the mid 90s
holtek studio

I wrote and recorded songs there that have now been heard by literally several people


Well, it was nice to catch up like this again. We'll have to do it again in a day or two!

Be careful both out there in the real world and here in this virtual one. One day the shadows

may cross and we all know what that means!

bye now!


  a flock of sarah palins


If you happen to be in the Detroit-Ypsilanti area please stop by





Creative Disease - the power to magnify the itch that runs like a rusty gondola between the edge of the brain and the

terminus of the finger. A second-by-second arrangement of the headly voices into a chorus of appeal.

Creative Disease - a horse-throated protest against electric pencil sharpeners - the raising to cult-like status of the physical fucking *grind grind grind* of the hand cranked method. I live and die as an ever diminishing alternatingly sharpening pencil - grind grind grind!






of a



a really nice building in Basel


by now I've seen a whole lot of cathedral gargoyles but this is the first Ass-goyle I've ever seen. (just imagine such a thing on a church in America!)



Between travel, sickness and now technical difficulties, CreDi is barely stuttering along, but then, so am I.

hello from









would you care to make a donation?



My American friend, are you confused about some terminology? Did the US school system fail you in delivering a modicum of knowledge concerning matters of political philosophy?

If so, then maybe I can be of assistance. Give me 5 minutes or 5 hours, whatever we both can spare, and I'll try to clarify a few things for you.

It might not be enough to replace years of proper book learning and cool, rational thought or undo decades of American McCarthy-ite propaganda but I'll do my best!

Just ask!







a short clip from a recent show











FEB 2010






I was bullied by Gordon Brown







  Latest tracks by user1898660



The Immortality of the Gloved One?

I largely avoided any Michael Jackson jokes or commentary during the time of his death. Honestly, I just didn't care much but perhaps part of me was driven to give him a pass because Rockin' Robin very well might have been the first song that really grabbed me as a child. I believe I even did some sort of pre-karaoke pantomime to it in front of my elementary class.

Well, I've walked past this poster at my local probably a couple hundred times now and it wasn't until the other day that it hit me. It's him!

I'm not sure what the poster is from - perhaps an advert for some museum show but I'm pretty sure the statue pictured is quite old.

Can there be much doubt that this was a previous incarnation of the Gloved One?

And should we be surprised that he was a priest?













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