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NOV 14 2006

A shout out to Dave Rutland for ruining my day by sending me this story about rabid christian breeders

the buildings are all laughing

the exits gasp

surely you're not going out in THAT outfit!

NOV 12 2006


a population on stilts

clouds above rats below

repairs over concrete

hammer and nails to go

2nd floor entrances

bloody nose

NOV 11 2006

Galleries are the purgatory of art

Praise - the well knawed pacifier of any good artist

If you don't like my art will you at least burp me?

Detroit - so decayed - so photogenic - like an aging beauty queen abandoned by all but a few suitors

the broken pillars
of social dreams
line up like memories of what we'd become

NOV 10 2006

If per chance you're new here and find yourself starving for more disease - I'm sorry, you'll have to be patient because I'm being impatient. I decided to go ahead and publish "the new look" without having all the archived pages reformatted yet (which is oh-so BORING to do) and since I'm being anal about it I won't make them accessable again until they are all in line. I DEMAND CONFORMITY WITHIN MY CHAOS!

NOV 7 2006

NOV 6 2006

Well, sounds like the flock has already 'forgiven' Ted Haggard. Funny how easy they forgive each other (but God help you if you don't subscribe to their particular brand of nonsense) - especially when the sinner'd still be sinnin' if someone hadn't outed him. I think I understand even more Nietzsche's contempt for "morality" now.

NOV 4 2006

Remember when Pastor Oral Roberts said he saw a "900 foot Jesus" who told him that unless he raised a million dollars by such and such date that the Lord was gonna "call him home"?
Well, I've had a similar experience. While in the ruins of a major city I saw a 9 inch tall demon who told me that unless I drum up more visitors to creative disease that I'm gonna become the butt boy of meth-hitting-gay-prostitue-fucking Christian evangelists. Look, I think I can handle the meth and the gay prostitute part but PLEASE don't subject me to evangelism! Please help me snag more visitors.
I'm working on a medium-sized overhaul of the site even while I feverishly work on new content. Please help give me a reason to live. Please help me boost those monthly stats. Please help me look in the mirror in the morning free of the horrible shame spawned by weak visitor logs. Please save me from evangelism.

NOV 3 2006

Happiness is being able to vote socialist in an election

A fairie ring in my neighborhood!

NOV 1 2006

Doing our part to facilitate the rift between the world of the living and the land of the dead.
Hallow be our Eve - 2006 -

It might look like Hell on Earth but it's probably closer to Heaven - Thanks to Andy Lemons
for the photos from Iceland (lucky bastard)

For some reason I get deja vu from this picture - "Troll Cave - Iceland"

Something tells me there's no televangelist broadcasting from here on Sunday

OCT 31 2006

Have a not-too-happy Halloween

Another short video experiment (music - Detachment)

OCT 28 2006

v i d e o - h o l t e k - m u s i c - c o e, h o l t e k, i s o n (m u s i c - f o r - e n t r a i l s)

OCT 26 2006

It's not easy for me to admit or understand why a guy like me doesn't get any responses from personal ads. Aside from doing my best to "sell myself" thru witty and catchy descriptions I always try to update my photo fairly regularly. Once again my fingers are crossed even though it's time to dust the hope chest off again!

Speaking of photos - it's that time of year when the Chaos Magicians come out of the woodwork and start sending me stuff.

Personal message to "Vast Differ-Ence" : "Bring it on, bitch!"

OCT 25 2006

CreDi Exclusive!


An Interview with Peter Cushing's Ascot.

CreDi: Hello, Peter Cushing's Ascot. So, what have you been doing since the sad demise of Mr. Cushing in 1994?

Peter Cushing's Ascot (PCA): Honestly, the old chap parted company with me around the time of his "Grand Moff Tarkin" phase. Since then I've split my time between a stuffy old oil tycoon in a smoking jacket and a dandy named Phillipe.

CreDi: You must have some wonderful stories from all those years of working on the sets of Hammer Films.

PCA: Well, I do say, Peter himself was a very gentle man and was passionately devoted to his wife Helen, but there were plenty of nights when I was left lying in the wardrobe room and was taken up by one of the ruffians from the crew or made off with by one of the bit actors.

CreDi: Anyone ever use you to tie up Ingrid Pitt?

PCA: What? Now see here old chap!

CreDi: C'mon, wink-wink-nudge-nudge!

PCA: Well, if truth be told......I was a bit smitten with Ms. Pitt but remained strictly professional in our dealings.

CreDi: Why do you think there are less tits now in horror movies than there were over 30 years ago?

Peter Cushing's Ascot: See here Sir, I don't appreciate the tone that this interview has taken. I bid you good day!

CreDi: Wait, do you have Ingrid Pitt's phone number?


OCT 23 2006

"The Future of Baptism" - Holtek - ceramic/rope light - 2006

OCT 20 2006

The pitter patter of little feet you hear are the storm trooper's jackboots of tomorrow.

USA Ranks #6 in the World in number of journalists imprisoned! U-S-A! U-S-A!

DETACHMENT - "Socializma" MP3

OCT 17 2006

"Bush Team Mocked Evangelical Christians" -hey, I finally have something in common with
this Administration!

October 17, 2106 - The Centennial Celebration of Today

Lester Joy - Snuff Film Critic

Recently I was asked my opinion on the possibility of starting an annual awards show for snuff films - tentatively titled "The Snuffies". I had to confess that I couldn't get past the name, which, I couldn't decide, either sounded like a new brand of tissue, Snuffy Smith fans or some new breed of undefined fetishists - perhaps the nickname of the very sickos who make and/or see snuff films to begin with (mind you, my role as a critic is in a strictly professional capacity).
Besides, during a 'good year' there might be a total of 5 to 10 bona fide "reality films" - hardly the stuff to bother manufacturing trophies for.
Needless to say, the industry is so fundamentally secretive that any ceremony would amount to a circle jerk at best or at worst, a mass murder scene if the typical hot-heads and 'misunderstood auters' who haunt the scene were forced under one roof.
I doubt such an event will ever take place, but I'll keep you posted.
Meanwhile, I was just handed a "brown package" by a messenger. It appears to be a DVD from one of the more colorful (and supposedly female) directors named "Nancy Drool". The title, scribbled with a red sharpie, is called "I Saw You At Saw3 Sawing Logs"......hmmmmm, we'll see. Stay tuned.

OCT 15 2006

Now firmly planted in "October Mode".

Here's a sneak peek at upcoming ceramic piece -

OCT 13 2006

Here's some Friday the 13th music for you - Detachment (Coe, Holtek, Ison)
"Music For Entrails - Zhift" And if you're so inclined here's a page with some
general background info on the genesis of the music
published here.


OCT 12 2006

Upcoming releases from
Panic Stricken God



Slow Boat To China -
Amorality Plays



Detachment -
6 Years of Bad Fun



The Lower Ohio Unknowns - Butler County Bums




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