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JAN 5 2007


JAN 2 2007

Along with our steady growth and increase in visitors comes some growing pains. The "CreDi" good name gets hijacked and used as a spam email address etc. Add to that the fact that some miscreants have even been coming around and pulling pranks, causing trouble and you'll understand why we had to hire in Mr. Sanders - the official new CreDi custodian/security guard.


"Okay, you kids. I know you're all hopped up on your 'ipods' and 'myspace' sexcapades but there comes a time to settle down and...... now I mean it, settle down!

There'll be no running in the halls here at......(what's this place called?).....'creative disease'. I run a tight ship. You do right by me and I'll do right by you. Just do good to remember that I've got my eye on you.

Now go on about your 'browsin' and don't slam the door on the way out!"

Mr. Sanders


Introducing our new in-house mentalist Boris Valenov
- the psychic not afraid to make extremely detailed predictions

"In 2007 George W Bush will confound the Cosmic Odds Makers and have a spiritual epiphany. He will begin to voraciously read books starting with the Pre-Socrates, through Hegel, Marx and most of post-modernism before he emerges on the White House Lawn and announces his resignation due to the fact that nearly every aspect of the position of POTUS goes against his new inner awakening. In the aftermath the Vice President will take over and carry on business as usual (and then some). Networks will scramble to be the first to make a made-for-tv version of the whole affair. Bush will disappear and will later be spotted consulting with the infamous "Buddha Boy" in Nepal "

- Boris Valenov Jan 2 2007


JAN 1 2007


DEC 31 2006

Another entry from the CreDi dictionary - "podnapping" - when someone attempts to force their musical tastes onto another's portable player by excessively pushing mp3s on them.

Here at Headquarters we're thinking about making sure we post at exactly 12 Midnight to show what meager little lives we have. But don't you worry *wink wink* we have our *ahem* entertainment supplies well in hand and in full use.

Speaking of headquarters - as we continue to strive to become a virtual entertainment hub (at the end of a cyber dark alley 2 doors and 3 trash dumpsters down from a 3rd rate porn site) we're taking on new help mostly in the form of naive unpaid interns. So to start the new year off here's something from the "Get to Know Us" file -

DEC 30 2006

I guess all those South Park episodes with Saddam in Hell will make more sense now, huh?


DEC 29 2006

James Brown I hope you're happy. I just did the "man splits" in your honor and can't get up off the floor. "Hunh, Good God!"

DEC 28 2006


Here's a newer photo of ceramic piece
"RibCaged Bird".


A nicer, larger version of this pic is at ArtVice


DEC 27 2006

The Gerald R. Ford School of Public Policy is a stone's throw from us here at CreDi Central - we'll go trip down the stairs for ya' Gerry old boy! Now, go "pardon" Nixon for playing pranks on you in Heaven you ole lughead!

Yonder comes the new year.

For you ultra-hipsters out there I know I'm coming a bit late to the party but "Deerhoof" rocks is really good.

My New Year's resolution is to wait until whatever it is doesn't pan out then travel back in a time machine and come up with a better resolution.

DEC 24 2006


DEC 22 2006




DEC 20 2006

I had blood drawn today. The old fat lady who went before me complained of hard to stick rolling veins.
The nice woman who drew our blood had a black eye. As I watched mine filling the vial I hoped that there really was something to this whole blood letting thing.

DEC 19 2006

The Case of the Exploding Cinnamon
I routinely make this mixture of cinnamon and brown sugar that I put on my oatmeal. Problem is, the brown sugar sits in the fridge so long that it becomes hard. I discovered that the way to deal with it is to mix them and then nuke them for a minute. So, today I do just that and put the lid on the plastic container and shake it to mix the two up and BOOM the lid blows off the container and like a cluster bomb in Candy Land covers a square yard of me and my kitchen in a fine brown dust. Three stooges eat your hearts out!

This year's best stocking stuffer (other than lopped off feet) -


DEC 18 2006



DEC 15 2006

boingboing recently posted the graphic for the Russian GRU emblem. Yeah, it's pretty hot so I put it on a shirt. But since I'm not accustomed to using other people's designs (even though it's public domain) and since the GRU is undoubtably made up of mean bastards who have done lots of naughty things - if I sell more than a few I'll find some Russian orphanage to donate to or something. Mmmkay?  



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"Mood shift shift back to good again. C'mon be a friend"
"-Of Montreal


"It's like a discipline without the discipine of all the discipline"
-LCD Soundsystem



"And if you wish it will still hurt as before. I can hear you breathing I know you're there."
-Crispy Ambulance





"He who lives as children live - who does not struggle for his bread and does not believe that his actions possess any ultimate significance - remains childlike."




"karen put me in a chair fuck me and make me a drink I lost direction and I'm past my peak I'm telling you this isn't me no this isn't me Karen believe me you just haven't seen my good side yet"
-The National




"He drank panther piss and fucked the girls you're probably married to"
- Nick Cave



"The path to enlightenment is not reached by car and its landmarks will be signs on the soles of the feet."
-David Holtek



"I'm going to do things to you that are beyond all known philosophies."
-Duran Duran (Barbarella)



"Man is a rope stretched between the animal and the superman - a rope over an abyss"
- Nietzsche



"I used to be carried in the arms of cheerleaders."
-The National





"B-b-b-baby he's screaming the truth. America, America is killing it's youth"




"Let's have some decorum."
-Monochrome Set



"I don't care what weapons you use just as long as you keep me amused."
-James Chance




"Nag nag nag"
-Cabaret Voltaire



"In America, for every action there is an equal and opposing inaction"
-Dave Holtek



"You know it's time we grow old and do some shit."
-Broken Social Scene




"Can you dig it? Can you dig it?
Can yooooo dig it?
-Sirus The Warriors




"I hesitate to deposit money in a bank. I am afraid I shall never dare to take it out again. When you go to confession and entrust your sins to the safe-keeping of the priest, do you ever come back for them?"
-Jean Baudrillard





"Merchant and pirate were for a long period one and the same person. Even today mercantile morality is really nothing but a refinement of piratical morality."




"Like a dark stripe down the center of the night, two's as good as one."
- Arto Lindsay