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MAY 2009







The gripping story of the first webmaster out to kill anyone and everyone who has ever visited his site.



Hey Winos, yeah, you.

Is some asshole keeping you from your hooch? Is the god damn foreman giving you the evil eye again?

Not to worry. Have yourself a handful of Wine Gums until you can sneak out to the car and hit that bottle of Ripple under the seat.

Port? Cabernet? A nice German white? We've got you covered.

Wine Gums - for those times when it's just not convenient to be an open drunk.




I'm still digesting this article on Rumsfeld peppering the covers of top secret intelligence reports with Bible quotes. It's kind of like when you sent your crush secret notes in high school adorned with romantic scribblings only with the Bush admin it was more like "and then God smote the genitals of the heathen infidels - love, Rummy"



Among the chronicled feats of Herculean strength resides the ability of one artist to be genuinely happy for the success of another.




Here's your's truly in some paper, but screw me, the REAL exiting part is the article about the wind farm to the right!

or, read about me here for sharper text: yourthanet


Okay. Okay. So, I had a hard time letting go of April. April was good to me. But so far May is being a sweetheart as well. So, I'll try to catch up to real time now. Thanks America for letting me enter your borders. I hope it was as good for you as it was for me. Can I offer you a cigarette?






a very nice rock


Creative Disease





Let's plague.





Here Luci.....c'mon up boy.

That's it.

The crossing that leads away from the insufferable ego of God.





  booze bottle arms


Oh wow.....yeah, the internet's still on, isn't it? Funny. Sometimes when I get too busy to be on it I forget that it's still on! Wow, the internet really is like a TV that never goes off, idn't it? Huh? Idn't it?



  water boarding cartoon holtek


Hey, that was my nickname back in the 90s






On the 09:25 to Victoria



summoning forth the power of animation

traveling down the arm like a vein

I invoke



I like London. I don't know why I keep doing chintzy drawings of it being attacked by monsters,




I miss Copenhagen


I'm off for a couple days..........visitor levels here have stagnated recently. If you enjoy this site at all please stop a random weirdo on the street and whisper "" to them.

Remember, in the words of the sexy chick with the eye patch from Barbarella "for you I charge nothing".

How many of the other sites you visit are 100% ad-free?

The only thing I charge here is a small contribution to my ego - in the form of increasing visitors.

Please help me avoid existential crisis.


  torture cartoon


  obama poser



  polly wanna cartoon


Some of you might recall my mention of the timber fall that hit my coastal town when a cargo ship lost most of its load in the English Channel. I salvaged three small broken pieces of the wood and painted them in commemoration of the event. Larger photos of the three can be seen ( as well as other new paintings) at artvice




"Among the details in the still-classified memos is approval for a technique in which a prisoner's head could be struck against a wall as long as the head was being held and the force of the blow was controlled by the interrogator, according to people familiar with the memos,"




you know the drill



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