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AUG 27 2006

It's Sunday evening and Troy Lee Gentry is still a dick.

AUG 26 2006

Overheard (for real) a few days ago in the juice aisle of the grocery:

Rather large trailer park-esque woman talking to similarly classed man holding up a container of "Lite Grape Juice" -

"what's that mean, there's just less of it?"

AUG 25 2006

Our crack team of researchers have been monitoring the cable news outlets and crunching some numbers and our data is showing that according to media coverage -

The life of 1 Jonbenet equals the lives of 12,386 Iraqi children.

AUG 24 2006

Here's today's incentive to join the Voluntary Human Extinction Movement -

"Country star accused of illegally killing tame bear" -Hey, "Troy Lee Gentry" - I'm going to taunt your mom with your 2 inch long dick and then sit and help her write a sympathy card to you begging for forgiveness for giving birth to such a worthless piece of human shit.

AUG 22 2006

fed to only the most discriminating of lions

theory fatigue

union of the terminally unemployable

armed with lethal contradictions

there are no feel good rape scenes

torture should be voluntary

false confessions are good conversation starters

going in debt to pay a terrible price

the golden age of misleadership

fierce competition among bankrupt belief systems

jostling for position in chaos

AUG 19 2006

Holy heck, where have I been? Does anyone know?

Here's a little poem dedicated to a few friends and the billions of kids heading back to school:

>> I curled up in an fear ball in the room's darkest corner
anticipating the ruthless negation of my precious not-knowing
feel the shadow of education across my floor like a mud slick
and in a tearful vignette say goodbye to my cherished ignorance <<

cartoon disclaimer: I haven't seen this movie and probably won't. In the slim chance that the writers are as funny as me and actually put some snake-handling Pentecosts in the movie, would someone who has seen the movie kindly give me a heads up? (david"at"thiswebsite"dot"com)

AUG 16 2006

Get 2 Know Me Korner

Sure, I'm now back to being talented AND handsome, but things haven't always been a cakewalk.

Back then the extra 30 pounds did soften the curb and fortunately, when I transformed into a 7 foot tall alien for a year the house I was squatting in had vaulted ceilings.

My glass might have had piss in it at times but I always felt like it was half full.

For the one and a half of you out there anxiously following the "battle of the questionably magic rings" - JMB was been wearing his a tad too much and is having problems maintaining proper manifestation. It's hard to follow someone's lead when you can't see them.

AUG 15 2006

every time I stand on that corner
my head disappears
more often than not a kind-hearted landlady
lets me in
back home in the mirror I realize my error
and ask
are two heads better than none?

In the future the greatest insult will be to call someone "Bush"

In the future books will write themselves and deathmatches will determine best-seller lists.

In the future cardboard will be a luxury item.

In the future eveything will be misplaced.

In the future androids will grow bored and redefine thrill-seeking.

In the future the word "dystopia" will be over-used.

AUG 13 2006

Squid pipe "For Novelty Purposes Only" - Holtek, ceramic 2006

She cries at the end of "Titanic" you cry at the end of "Donnie Darko"

Help Wanted - Sign Maker

AUG 10 2006

a heavily stepped on Jim Nordmeyer photo

AUG 9 2006

Hummingbird and I hum a song about bee-balm

she flutters her wings

I flutter my shutter

monarda didyma we visit you

AUG 7 2006

okay.......deep breath.......whew.......

I think I aged a few years this weekend. The details of which I wouldn't dream of boring you with, but then getting to meet up with old, sane and magically creative friends pulled me back from the graveside.

Ever feel like you were born on this street?

Thanks to the Keetons for the hospitality, thanks to Joanna B. for remembering that I had a crush on her in the 5th grade, and most of all, thanks to Fruit Pie the Magician and Elle Crash for reminding me that a million to one is better than a million to none.

Sorry, I just can't get enough of this monstrosity (I-75 ~30 miles north of Cincinnati) (at least I was heading North)

AUG 4 2006

I'm off to explore other exiting areas of the Midwest for a few days. Keep it cool.

Why don't Pro-Lifers demand universal health care for children?

With global warming, overpopulation etc shouldn't childless adults be given tax breaks?

AUG 2 2006

Fuck it's as hot as Bill O'Reilly on a phone sex line.

JULY 31 2006

The Battle Has Begun -

John Mike Bordeaux - I accept your challenge - my found ring's power against yours!
Feel that burning in your forehead? Feel that sickening sense of inner dread? Feeling the urge to do the unspeakable? Uh-huh............


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-Crispy Ambulance





"He who lives as children live - who does not struggle for his bread and does not believe that his actions possess any ultimate significance - remains childlike."




"karen put me in a chair fuck me and make me a drink I lost direction and I'm past my peak I'm telling you this isn't me no this isn't me Karen believe me you just haven't seen my good side yet"
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"He drank panther piss and fucked the girls you're probably married to"
- Nick Cave



"The path to enlightenment is not reached by car and its landmarks will be signs on the soles of the feet."
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"I'm going to do things to you that are beyond all known philosophies."
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-Dave Holtek



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Can yooooo dig it?
-Sirus The Warriors




"I hesitate to deposit money in a bank. I am afraid I shall never dare to take it out again. When you go to confession and entrust your sins to the safe-keeping of the priest, do you ever come back for them?"
-Jean Baudrillard





"Merchant and pirate were for a long period one and the same person. Even today mercantile morality is really nothing but a refinement of piratical morality."




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