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15 JAN 2008




The world splinters into colors

there's no one there to grab my hand

as the "medicine" kicks in

In the States the city would be sued for exposing children to such filth.


CreDi report...........this is all very much in the early stages of investigation but we're at least ready to report
a possible connection between the recently declared War on Satan and current UFO sightings............


Texans report seeing UFO

stay tuned............



11 JAN 2008

  off off broadway cartoon holtek  

As reported below, The Vatican has declared War on Satan. Aside from the usual bloodshed and casualties resulting from any war we anticipated that there would be "collateral damage". And sure enough, the stresses of war are starting to take their toll on the weak minded>>
....................................... Idaho man cuts off and microwaves hand

Meanwhile, we have temporarily moved CreDi HQ here and are on constant vigil for the Crusaders.

Take your best shot Pope!

satanic hideout  


9 JAN 2008

The church mouse is quiet because he doesn't want to get fucked by the priest.

"unchurched" adults

Holy shit. How great of a term is that??

It's like unpastuerized milk or unpopular kids, yet also so close to unindoctrinated.

...........The War on Satan Continues....

.- a slight shift in favor of the forces of mind


... ."44% agree with the statement ......Christians get on my nerves."

like the animals
free to frolick
free to play


Write-in "Britney" for President 2008.

Hollywood Writer's Strike - does that make every waiter with a script a scab?

Uhmmmm....might be doing up a strip of sorts for a martial arts dojo's a peek at some prelim:
Tae Kwon Dont (?)



  bluetooth toilet cartoon holtek  

oscar wilde plaque Right where you belong - behind bars you naughty boy

some nice Dublin dumpster graffiti
dumpster graffiti

A shot from inside the grotto of a cabal of Pan followers we met with last week.
Our war strategy meeting was going well until the libations and fungus started
catching up with us. The rest is a blur.
pan statue




Sometime in the new year of 2008

Britney's on a vision quest



unfortunately the mannequin is used up as an object of art.

all things that can be done have already been done

the artitistic manipulation of the human facsimile is as stale as masturbation as mundane as shopping

it is what makes this used up quality of the mannequin as alluring as our own

like the mannequin we are done

we are shot

we're played

in other words

posed in eternal self-reference

and masters of the blank expression

Okay, we're back from Dublin, Ireland. Our hurried communiques with various Satanic operatives took us to many undisclosed locations.

Like an oracle. Like a magical High Preistess. Britney has gone into a trance-state and she may soon be issuing a proclamation to address the ongoing war between the forces of Nature and the forces of anti-Nature. Papparazzi are elbow to elbow with philosophers clutching pens and papers. Let the enlightened words flow: "My people, abort your children, stay in school, just say no to celebrity culture, don't fear the high road even as you taste of the low."

THIS JUST IN........ Huckabee Wins - Forces of anti-Nature Make Power Play - Intellectuals and Experientialists are Reeling and Regrouping..

....stay tuned.


30 DEC 2007

Happy New Year in advance from Creative Disease.




Is it just us or is it odd that the authors of this plaque felt the need to remind us that ALL human life is precious?

Not that, uhhhhhhh, anyone would think any less of them since they were 'just' Chinese(?)

Yeah, okay. We're just cynical.



  Coincidentally, we just ate here:

As semi-explained below the sudden declaration of war has caused things to go a bit topsy-turvy. We'll be conducting some intelligence gathering missions for a few days and (Nature willing) will be back with you at week's end. In the meantime please party like it's 2007.

29 DEC 2007



"Pope's exorcist squads will wage war on Satan"


Stay tuned for reliable reports from The Front - coming soon from cREaTiVe DiSEaSe

Okay, here's the skinny. We were set to go on a leisurely expedition until the news broke about war being declared on either ourselves or allies of this operation.

If we're sounding a bit cryptic - well, so one must do in times of war.

It goes without saying that there's much confusion and uncertainty at this early stage of the conflict. Is the Vatican and it's Allies also declaring war on Pan? Are Bacchus and his followers also at risk?

In such troubling times one can expect a patchwork of shifting alliances.

Which way will the rich, elite Republican decadents sway? Will they follow their loins and side with the forces of Nature or in the end will they be beholden to the Christian Masters?

Since we're HQ'd in UK does any of this coincide with the fact that ex-Brit Prime Minister Tony Blair recently converted to Catholicism?

Has he been tapped to lead the charge on UK soil?

Such very questions have therefore made it necessary for us to radically alter our plans. We will now be travelling to undisclosed locations to meet up with various groups of Satanic Partisans as they prepare to take to the woods and mountains.

We will be out of contact for a few days and will report in as soon as possible.

Coded Message to Operatives: "shadow-niner-pack-initiate-1223-sender"


27 DEC 2007

Say, remember that fat kid that no one liked at school because he was always first in line to be hall monitor and loved to tattle on fellow classmates? Well, he's a cop now.
  Police academy class slogan: Cause PTSD



25 DEC 2007

  santa's surprise cartoon holtek  

Guess who's birthday it is????

Bet all the Chucky Cheeses in The States are rockin' with cheap pizza holiness.

Kids, pretend that the skeet ball holes are Jesus' halo!

Turning in your neighbors gives bonus tickets!

Pick that cool finger print kit from the display of prizes.

Get bonus points for every dozen set you turn in.

What? Mr Johnson down the street is "grumpy and defiant"?

Act now and we'll send you an awesome mini digital camera!

Take his pic and send it to us.

Triple bonus points!!!


23 DEC 2007

Even a Marxist with a really good sense of humor can't laugh at a story like this:

  Feds: Employers allowed to block e-mails related to labor union activity

- no comment other than - roll over, play dead.

New Feauture: Good Decision/Bad Decision - Send us yours!

Yesterday we woke up stupid and decided it might be fun to take the train to the big ole shopping mall called Bluewater
a ways out from London. Once we got there and dealt with the shell shock realization that we had just paid the equivalent of $80 American to go to the mall we let ourselves relax and marvel at the omnipotent power of the Mall to inflict uniformity and cut-rate blandness on any part of the world at any time.

Happy birthday Baby Jesus. We bought you a rhinestone covered cell phone cozy and a 10 thread-count ironic retro Tee.

In dedication to the awesome English fog here today no photos or cartoons.


19 DEC 2007

RAnDom DiSeAseY tHoUgHtS:

though we couldn't have cared less for them we think Milli Vanilli should have been given a second chance.

we find absolutely nothing attractive about Cameron Diaz.

Brits have some stange assumptions about America. Particularly that bad American 80s music is worth listening to - over and over and...

turtlenecks are the new ipod

on job interviews one should refrain from asking about psychiatric medical coverage

space aliens will first show themselves on youtube

  changed man diaper cartoon holtek  


Missing comet baffles scientists

It ain't missing.

It's got a big old propulsion engine shoved in it. It came round last night and picked some up.

His Great Grandfather was already on it. His psychedelic purple pimp hat shot out candy colored glyphs that made our body parts swell.

Then things got all iquidy and flowed down into crater caves.

Now know the truth about fabric?



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"Mood shift shift back to good again. C'mon be a friend"
"-Of Montreal


"It's like a discipline without the discipine of all the discipline"
-LCD Soundsystem



"And if you wish it will still hurt as before. I can hear you breathing I know you're there."
-Crispy Ambulance





"He who lives as children live - who does not struggle for his bread and does not believe that his actions possess any ultimate significance - remains childlike."




"karen put me in a chair fuck me and make me a drink I lost direction and I'm past my peak I'm telling you this isn't me no this isn't me Karen believe me you just haven't seen my good side yet"
-The National




"He drank panther piss and fucked the girls you're probably married to"
- Nick Cave



"The path to enlightenment is not reached by car and its landmarks will be signs on the soles of the feet."
-David Holtek



"I'm going to do things to you that are beyond all known philosophies."
-Duran Duran (Barbarella)



"Man is a rope stretched between the animal and the superman - a rope over an abyss"
- Nietzsche



"I used to be carried in the arms of cheerleaders."
-The National





"B-b-b-baby he's screaming the truth. America, America is killing it's youth"




"Let's have some decorum."
-Monochrome Set



"I don't care what weapons you use just as long as you keep me amused."
-James Chance




"Nag nag nag"
-Cabaret Voltaire



"In America, for every action there is an equal and opposing inaction"
-Dave Holtek



"You know it's time we grow old and do some shit."
-Broken Social Scene




"Can you dig it? Can you dig it?
Can yooooo dig it?
-Sirus The Warriors




"I hesitate to deposit money in a bank. I am afraid I shall never dare to take it out again. When you go to confession and entrust your sins to the safe-keeping of the priest, do you ever come back for them?"
-Jean Baudrillard





"Merchant and pirate were for a long period one and the same person. Even today mercantile morality is really nothing but a refinement of piratical morality."




"Like a dark stripe down the center of the night, two's as good as one."
- Arto Lindsay