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JULY 2009



She was a plywood philosopher


more church evil



on a church pew in Amsterdam

In the same church......continuing with our new found sub-theme of weird church guestbook comments:







Hello....hope there are still .....some people........where is.......on the internet no one can hear you......screa............









  will art for food


intense blue eye

the corner of a painting - a swatch - a section

a hotspot - a flash point - or an area for rest

a vacation spot for the more stressed out elements of the painting

the latrine - the painting's sewer

the focal point of the collective will of the piece





  bird shit cartoon








this one's called Give Me A Minute. I'll Be All Right.

  insane self portrait




JUNE 2009


Separated at birth?



Don't be a punk - get me my pump.


Let me entertain you







As a weirdo I'm always on the look-out for all things weirdo......this might be one of the weirdest I've seen in a while -

In the visitor's book of a church in Brussels, Belgium:









Have you ever been to Germany?

No, but I saw Wayne Newton do "Danke Schoen" once.





















she, pretty as a butterfly

flies away like one too



You see, the head works towards completion even as it remains a work in progress itself.

The Idea as Trickster - satan - an obstacle.

Art is an obstacle the head confronts on its way to completion.


Dave Holtek sometime in June



That which must be negotiated.

Middle age begins one's real negotiation with Nature.

Just as the building inspector's home is in shambles the crisis negotiator's family cowers in a corner.

The act of sex is among the most dynamic of negotiations.





It's nice to see that a former international leader and trailblazer is trying to catch up with my wisdom.

Better late than never, Gorby.

So here's to me and my now 5+ year old t-shirt idea as well as to the ONE person with the wit and vision to have bought the shirt (you know who you are!)

Gorbachev Calls for American Perestroika










if some dif music you want









a water horse/nessie fossil found on Kent coast. I'm asking 3500 on the ebay.

Shelly, oh Shelly

they laid you out on the rocks

the tide is high our luck is lost

Shelly, oh Shelly

swim down to me






At two minutes to midnight I decided to "pull the birthday option" and earned a free beer from my endearing host Andy. After two Kasteels the Leffe was a bit disappointing, but I knew that going in. A few minutes later I was back alone sitting at "my" table. Me, the make-believe Ramsgate mafia don of the arts holding court on his beer stained throne. Ha. I'm just kidding. I like being a nobody. Just some self-absorbed dude doodling in a pad. My bachelor pad is made of toothy paper (200g weight to be exact).

Oh. Hey. Here comes another funny idea. Scirbble scribble. Draw draw. I make myself laugh.

Life goes on. Nobody waits. Nobody cares. And it's absolutely great.





Party at my house!



you make me laugh

you guys



Over actual a gudjsad nfknejisdfsdf

sdfffghdfgdfg trial sdfsdfgsdfgsdfg error


ferwerwertdfgert refurbishment dfgdfhh


tact sdfgdfgertgrthfg











David R
utland photo






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