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Another brisk painting now residing in the Private Collection of Mommy -























What's wrong with this picture?

I wanted to avoid turning this tirade into a "Europe vs America thing" but it seems like the proper context. The "corporatization of life" is a hot topic at the moment. And in these pictures we can see the ugly truth.

Is not the lovely skyline of the patently capitalistic city of Chicago not enough to speak for itself? Can't we just enjoy the results of our great American enterprise without having to dick-fuck it over the top with rabid corporate logoneering? Here we have a potentially perfect view all whored-out with monotonous banners differentiated only by the various corporate logos at the bottom.

And if that wasn't bad enough the masterminds behind the Navy Pier also have a veritable best hits of the worst of American pop music blaring at painful levels. Why does everything have to be a rock show? Why is every vista allowed to be hijacked by commercial panhandling?


Why? Because we let it happen.

I can't think of a single similar striking vista in any of the European cities I've visited that have been anywhere near as commercialized and vandalized as this. In fact isn't it about time we invent a neologism that combines commercialization with vandalism? How about "bizvandalism"?

Maybe when more of us start thinking about it in such terms things can start to change.

Who owns views, exactly?






Introducing ThingLady -







This morning I saw a blue car with vanity plates that read "IM TEAL".

This sadsack, having spent half his life dreaming of one day having vanity plates, found himself sitting at his desk at work giddy over the 3.5% raise his emasculatinig boss just dropped in his quivering lap. But the initial rush soon turned into a blood draining chill. Finally, he could afford those vanity came the hard part.

What would they be?

Our aspiring creative hardly got a shred of work done the rest of the day. He surfed the internet for catchy phrases. His sweaty hands tore through the dictionary hoping to spot the perfect words. Maybe he would use an "8" in a phonetic manner, like "GR8T GUY" or a "2" - "2COOL". The possibilities were endless.

He spent the weekend in a daze. Nothing seemed right. What if he chose something and then didn't like it later. He'd be stuck driving around with unsatisfactory vanity plates. He'd be a laughing stock. It was all he could think of. He canceled plans. His wife began to feel alienated. They fought. He moved to a hotel. He slept under a tree hoping beyond hope that an apple would fall and hit him on the head and grace him with a "eureka moment"

But it didn't come.

His regular old plates haunted him - taunted him. MTR 342....MTR 342!!


He huddled in a ball in the back seat. The padded roof descended towards him. The faux leather seats grabbed him. The air freshener tickled his nostrils. Trembling hands reached for the handle. Finally, he spilled out onto the cold, hard pavement.

The next day he inched his way along the Q at the Department of Motor Vehicles, his eyes and expression as blank as a deer in headlights. He left clutching his new plates.

The subdued hues of the bluish vehicle pulled out of the lot.






why is the main stream media ignoring my greatness?






Concerning the health care debate I'm torn between a committment to justice and my fear of the over-population of the planet. Therefore I have a proposal - people who choose NOT to have any children at all will be given the most top notch health care, those who have one child will be allowed a good, comprehensive plan, those with two kids a little less, couples choosing to have 3 kids will pay out the nose and those who have 4 or more children will be taken out and shot.

















The CreDi World Tour is now headed to Atlanta for a week - looking forward to experiencing some anti-English weather, giving mommy a kiss and hanging out with (yet more) preternaturally talented friends.

ps Ohn and Dan - I need some emergency refresher guitar lessons!


Mary Jo Bole at work


Needless to say, one of life's greatest pleasures is having fascinating friends. I'm lucky to have as one of my most cherished the lovely Mary Jo Bole - rampant artist at large and professor at Ohio State University. I haven't seen her in a few years but managed to spend a good chunk of Saturday with her. In typical MJ style she kept us in constant motion most of the time - thrift stores, a quick visit to a real happening, yet out-of-the-way jazz club, some food, a visit to her studio(s). I was going to say that her work just gets better and better but then realized that I've always loved it so.....

I've never thought of art as a competitive endeavor but plenty of us, surely, at least occasionally, compare ourselves to others to try to see how we stack up. And taking a cue from my Nietzschean tendency to abhor modesty - with my monster truck-sized self-confidence and suspicion that I'm (again with the Nietzsche shit) some sort of Dionysion-Creative manifestation born unto the Earth, it's actually quite helpful for me to know someone like MJ who makes me seem about as creative as George Bush in comparison.

Here, I snapped her working on a project that she's been toiling over on and off for a few years. When you stand and watch her surveying and then placing those tiny slivers and shards of fractured ceramics with tweezers one at a time it makes you wonder just how talented (and insane) one has to be to pull such things off.

MJ, thanks for the hospitality and inspiration.


  Mary Jo Bole mosaic











Testing testing...coming to you from America - the land of the free and predominantly overweight. Good to be back, though the fat-ass, buzz-headed mall cop drop-out at the custom's desk did his best to make it hard on me - diverting me to the full-luggage-search-possible-criminal line. I think maybe since I live abroad and he's most likely never been more than 20 miles away from his mommy's uterus he decided to make my re-entry as hard as possible. Fuck this creeping police state bullshit.



Alternative views of Paris:



......will be moving CreDi headquarters across the ocean for a few weeks.....we anticipate a relatively seamless transition but please allow for transnational gremlins..........hopefully will be switching over from a fish n chips mentality to a burger and fries one for the duration.





Whew! Okay, THAT'S over. Another art show come and gone. It's like having a fucking baby - my art vagina is still sore.

Maybe I'm not cut out for this biz. I sold the Apprehendrix here. I like her and all but it's not like she's my favorite. But when it came time to leave her today.....well, I kissed her on the lips twice and barely held back the tears. Will she be okay? Will she miss me? Can I go visit her?



I'm not a big fan of the art show comment book. For me it's too much like the internet. It gives people the chance to be wankers hiding behind anonimity. But the owner of the place thought I should have one and went and got a notepad for me etc so I relented.

And in the end most of the comments were very positive and enthusiastic which made me feel good. But still, I'd have to say that this one is my favorite:

Okay, more soon.












Off to Paris for a couple mime skills have been getting rusty so it's time to get a refresher course. Z U Zoon!





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  droll mountain








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