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APRIL 2009


  playboy bunny cartoon



Still Life With Apple
And Hallucination


David Holtek





I reckon lots of you only come here for the stooopid cartoons and maybe some whackiiiiie art so I'll endeavor to not make you skip over PO-litical shit. So, from now on, most of that dross is going to

Like this here essay:

  Dr. Strangebed - or, How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Black Hoodied Anarchists



  grave robber cartoon



Here is some video I shot at the G20 protest. I was nearly trampled to death in a crowd once and I tend to be rather cautious so there's not that much footage of close-up hand to baton fighting. When things got too ugly I'd retreat. I was also there to be heard and show my support and not to be a journalist and so only shot a small amount of footage. If you'd like to see more disgusting footage of cops beating on peaceful protestors there's plenty out there - like THIS footage from the climate protest part of the demonstration. I mean HOW DARE those people get out and show support for the health of the planet! Notice how raising one's arms in the air in a sign of peace and submission is a reason for cops to truncheon people.

caution: some strong language



  brothers fighting cartoon holtek




Okay, I'm off to the G20 protests in London. I'll try to get some of your money back from the bankers........April Fools! - I'm really going there to defend the rights of the super-rich to have access to unfettered bonuses. RAZZZZZZZZZZZ!


MARCH 2009

  surreal sketch


For those who are blissfully unaware of UK politics (I often wish I was) this here cow is Jacqui Smith -
the UK Home Secretary. She's the bitch who pushed to have cannabis re-classified
as a hard drug with stiffer penalties. Meanwhile, she was just busted because her husband
claimed government expenses on two porno movie rentals. If I was married to that shit I'd watch porno too.
Maybe he should smoke some weed and claim it as a therapeutic medical expense.


where do I sign up?



  transcend desire sex shirt cartoon holtek



g20 protest flier london




some usual suspects, characters and who-nots


a nice line-up the old tree-thru-the-house trick



Thank goodness we live in a democracy governed by the Rule of Law.

Recently, some well-respected experts have come forward to say that it would be unconstitutional to excessively tax or take away bonuses.


Okay, sure, you're company didn't do so well last year so they had to cut out the end-of-year Christmas bonus, but at least maybe now you can breathe a sigh of relief that you won't have to give back that fine looking hunk of ham that the company gave you at the Christmas dinner 07.

Just imagine how embarrassing it would be to have to call up the friends and family that came over that Sunday night to celebrate and help you eat that golden, luscious ham. "Uh.....Chuck, hey, this is Susan. I hate to have to ask but this damn socialist government of ours is making me give the 07 bonus ham back. Yeah, that one. You don't happen to have any of what you ate laying around do you?"

Or if they only tax 90% of that succulent sweet bonus ham what are you going to do? Try to cheat and send in the balance with cheap convenience store cold-cuts? What if your refrigerator gets audited??

So, you see, my friend, the Rule of Law works for everyone. If the government can just arbitrarily step in and say they are going to take away bonuses it doesn't matter if it's 5 million dollars or a fine chunk of honey-basted ham - we all lose.

The Rule of Law covers us all like a warm, fuzzy blanket. So don't be mad at failed bankers with their million dollar bonuses. Join hands with them. Stand up for what is right. The Law is the Law.

And repeat with me - "they'll pry my succulent sweet, honey-basted, bonus ham from my cold dead fingers!


next band name





A room with a view
sweet dreams sweet dreams sweet dreams



At this point I'm resisting relating any information about my visit to Copenhagen because, for the time being at least, I can't say anything about it that doesn't end up including scathing comments about how much you suck, your country sucks, how much I suck and how much my country sucks by comparison. The experience might even have been enough for me to rethink my whole stance on the "advanced alien civilizations" premise. Maybe.

Perhaps if we could somehow exponentially increase the work and space capacity of Denmark and kidnap all your children and have them raised by the Danes instead then mabye, just maybe the human race would have a chance.

Copenhagen is living proof that you can have a modern, vibrant, bustling city that isn't clogged with cars, where bicycles are king, where thoughtfully designed parks lure you in and don't want to let you go, where people have somehow not become slaves to cellphones and gameboys and talking over each other in public. It took a couple days in the city before it dawned on me how quiet it was - that I could count on one hand the car horns I had heard so far. Children seemed to be playing everywhere with no paranoid hovering parents in sight while elsewhere fathers knelt beside statues and sculptures explaining something to a young child.

Yes, me being me, I'm afraid that after just a few short days I am already an expert on Danish culture. There you will find a wonderfully tuned feedback loop - calm, quiet yet entirely engaged adults rub off on the kids who actually appear to love and respect the world around them. You have to look hard to find any trash and wall tags are scarce but playing tag isn't. At times I had to stop and just watch kids playing. Sure, maybe a flash of my own paranoia would kick in - might some concerned parents be eyeing me, taking me for a creep? Nope. In this bizarro feedback-loop world trust begets trust. Respect brings respect. Where I live 10 and 11 year olds don't run around parks and pavillions playing tag, they stand outside stores and ask you to go in and buy them fags or booze and if you decline they call you a fucking cunt. Is this the same species? - I often had to stand and wonder.

Does Copenhagen have a dirty side? Sure, what's a good city without an underbelly? But even there things are relatively clean. I will always defend anyone's right to "abuse" themselves but I will never stand for the abuse of the planet. The Danes seem to have figured that out long before me and built entire cities on the premise.

coming next: my first venture into "fictional travelogueing"


That super secret preview was so secret it didn't even show up on the web

It's always Christmas in Copenhagen


more later.......sleep now










let's play


just be careful not to rip open the fabric of time with your next shot - you look cross - it's just a game


after me

it's just

a game




They say the Danes are the happiest people in the world. I'm off tomorrow to try to find out what the hell is wrong with them.

See you'uns soon.









The sickly sweet taste of system failure



  pocket coffin



  damn them shirt holtek


Track mark make-up.



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