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Our first new shirt in a while......

karl marx shirt





This one's called "spot the Americans at the train station"

The Ultimate Pimp Mobile

(ain't not room fo' bitches so they GOTS to walk!)





  duck-billed platypus cartoon holtek PERMALINK


Nothing will make you feel old more than going into a museum of musical instruments and seeing something that you used to own and compose with!

The good old Akai S612. It used these odd shaped floppy disks meant for transitional Brother typewriters at the time. It got to where it was impossible to find them.

akai s612


delerium bar brussels The Delerium bar in Brussels. Ground Zero for beer snobs everywhere.


Let my people go and we shall spray paint our tags over your masterpieces. We will cock the Mona Lisa's mouth. We're the excess generation. The gallery walls are clogged. We're alienated from our alienation. We piss mark like dogs. Please persecute us to give us meaning. Please outlaw things we do. Our kingdom for some fucking context, recognition and loot.

Ok, ok! An officer is shooing me away "no blogging on the streets" he says to me in pig latin. I know it's because no one writes on his facebook wall that he's so cross. I too am embroiled in the digital popularity contest. The tag me me me generation. The cola wars give way to code wars. I don't care much if I'm pretty as long as my page is attractive. Would you like to come up to my web site?




Back from Brussels with sore feet. Paving stones are murder after a while.
But at least we kept our bellies full.


places of malinterest




55% of Republicans think the party should be more like Sarah Palin.
America needs to split in two and get it over with.


There's only one way to deal with someone shooting wolves from a helicopter - it's called a bazooka.


Just what would Jesus do without the backing of our awesome modern weaponry? Dan H


If you've got an urban passageway fetish like me then the UK is a swell place to be. Every couple blocks you'll find a cut-thru going somewhere, nowhere, anywhere. Some of them are real long, some run along the train tracks, some are choked with trash. This one was smooth sailing.

Labrynthine dimensional space cadets.



Is it just me or do these storage boxes look suspiciously like coffins?

Perhaps belonging to an ages-old traveling band of chartered accountant vampires. They suck your blood AND your finances.

Now that times have gone bad they've gone into hibernation. Once the recession passes they'll re-emerge to do your taxes.

Perhaps they were vampire librarians defeated by the digital age. Oh how they used to roam the stacks searching for buxom young girls with heaving breasts reading gothic romances.

Far down the aisle under a flickering light they would take her and in so doing manifest that delicious blend of fiction and reality that so rarely appears.

I almost expect to hear David Bowie's voice coming from one of the boxes pleading "release me Miriam, release me!"












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JAN 2009


  octuplets cartoon holtek



The Whispering Arts


Here is where I step out to do my business
to give my arts a break
as I breathe the cloud in deeply
inside I can hear them whisper

The english mold and I stay put
there is no cause for suspicion
we each have our own little ways

after delayed exhalation I resume

recording, writing, blindly interpreting

the whispering arts




Yes, we are still publishing here. Distribution has been throttled due to the book binder's strike but we're still able to put out the occasional one-off.....or two. choking on spiders david holtek







Help, I need an intervention......I'm feeling pulled back into digital.......noooooooo!


The RAF to my rescue?

No. I didn't think so.





A Russian cargo ship lost it's load of lumber in the English Channel. It began to wash ashore in our town yesterday. We went down around 7pm last night and first saw 1 or 2 stray boards on the sand but then we headed further up past the harbor and WHAM!


I also shot some video that I'm working on now. It was harsh conditions in the wind and rain though and I screwed up some of the best footage but should still have some worth seeing.

The sound of all the wood slapping against the seawall was magnificent.

And of course as expensive as wood is here every scavenger in town was down there loading up all they could handle.

More is supposed to show up today so I'll head back down later.

I've got major wood over the whole thing (snicker).


CreDi FacToiD:

Did you know that if you stood all the American unemployed and homeless on their shoulders that they'd be able to see into every window of every mansion in the United States?








If it doesn't stab me or shoot me it's culture - Dave Holtek


  miracle hudson plane crach cartoon  



  bush leaves office cartoon



  obama on train



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