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MARCH 25 2006

MARCH 22 2006

MARCH 21 2006

Hello everyone. I hope you're all telling friends, family and enemies alike to visit this fun-packed web site. I'm trying hard and hope to cast my net of entertainment ever wider. Please lend a hand.
As you can see, I'm redesiging. Please give me a few days to get back up to snuff.

I have ONE single, solitary conservative friend and I only like him because I've known him since 5th grade and from years of experience know that he's an intelligent and all around ok guy. And recently he lamented how much it sucks to be a conservative right now - mind you, I said he is intelligent, and therefore is profoundly embarrassed by George Bush and Co. and feels like he is left adrift in the current political landscape.

Well, at Sunday's local anti-war gathering, after the 3rd or 4th hippie protest song and 2nd or 3rd bad "slam poetry" recital, I too was feeling like a politico without a home.

I know most of the people at the protest have their hearts in the right place....but folks, when you sink into that worn out old koombaya mode....well, lets just say I wasn't the only one beating a retreat.

Now's not the time or place to tangent off into a nihilism speech.....but please stay tuned.

MARCH 16 2006

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MARCH 15 2006

Check out Pan's very cool "VR Panorama" of the SYNC06 show.

From Pan:
* If you haven't played with QTVR before: you can navigate with your  mouse through each node left/right/up/down, as well as zoom in and  zoom out (+/- buttons on the movie controller, or use the shift and  option keys when in QT Player). When the cursor turns to an arrow  ("hotspot"), you can click to transition to the connected node. You  can go around the room to the left or to the right. All nodes are  connected on both sides. To see all the hotspots in a particular  node, select "show hot spots" ("?") on the movie controller.

So, "Chef" is a scientologist and is quitting South Park in protest huh?

Sheesh, has there ever been a bigger bunch of cry baby loonies in the history of screwed up belief systems?

MARCH 14 2006

Our new CafePress T-shirt

Now that "everyone's in one", show what an individual and non-conformist you are!

Stand up for non-band pride.

MARCH 12 2006

Today's stumbled upon obscure public art feature:
Tomb of the Unknown Artist 1

I was on the verge of apologizing (again) for being on a
Jesus kick, but realized as I was finishing this that there
probably are Christians out there who might actually like it.
So I say the profane/reverent coin is tossed in the air on this one.