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APRIL 14 2006

Dan says: "I'm starting a new family tradition with my kids - on Easter weekend we watch zombie movies"

bumped back up for the Holiday: "The Unfound and Forgotten Easter Egg"

APRIL 11 2006

Hey, whoever stole the local libray copy of The Cambridge Companion to Husserl please fucking give it back before I track you down and get phenomenological on your ass.

Now, c'mon, I know EVERYBODY's gotta want this one!

new black t-shirts at cafepress

APRIL 9 2006

Though I consider my friend Stefen my superior in the offensive bumper sticker department, I too have a misanthropic side that needs to be serviced.
By all means acquire these from my cafepress store if so inclined, or rip them off and make one yourself, right now I don't give a shit.

And here's a new t-shirt while I'm at it:

I dated an Iranian girl once - if Bush nukes Iran I guess that will spoil any chance of us hooking up again.

You know why Bush should nuke Iran? We only nuked two cities so far and they say "three time's a charm".

If Bush nukes Iran does that mean my "Mickey Mouse flipping off the Ayatollah" t-shirt will be back in style again?

If Bush nukes Iran let's you and me go into business painting big red targets on all Americans travelling abroad. Mmmkay?

If Bush nukes Iran will that mean my Zoroastrian friends will hate me?

Will my persian cat become radioactive?

Since we failed to get the infrastructure up and running if we nuke Iran at least the glow might help illuminate some of the northern cities in Iraq

If we nuke Iran will I completely lose all sense of what it means to be an American?

APRIL 7 2006

Christians - you got some s'plainin' to do!

From the freshly released "Gospel of Judas" - Jesus to Judas:

"You will be cursed by generations," Jesus reportedly says, "and you will come to rule over them."

I don't know about you, but surely this is more than coincidence - now that we apparently all need to be on "Judas watch" - for him to come rule over us, could it be that the most legendary of traitors is already ruling over us?

Praise Judas!

APRIL 6 2006

Hello dear visitor. My hands are a bit full right now trying to find creative (and digestable) ways to fill a feeding syringe, but I'm anxious to post a pic of my pride and joy - my latest ceramic - "Self Made Man".

APRIL 5 2006

APRIL 3 2006

Thanks to Dan for this one

Out photographing before that ugly old Spring goes and ruins everything >

APRIL 1 2006

News Flash: Creative Disease is changing formats and is becoming a launching point for a nation wide push to change the constitution so President Bush can run for a third term.

Here's a first look at a new piece - it's hard to see, but there's a birdy in there with a toy heart and stomach to play with.

MARCH 31 2006

I know all the "past page" links aren't functioning.....I'm still playing catch-up with the new design.....please bear with me.

MARCH 30 2006

I'm proud to have a pic of my "Poseidon's Wife" sculpture on my new favorite web site (even without me on it) http://squid.us/

I have two new sculptures coming at you soon......

and speaking of cephalopods: please consider showing your solidarity
with a shirt from cafepress

and speaking of CafePress....regardless of whether you buy anything from me, their t-shirts are really pretty nice now......the printing is now direct and looks/feels and wears much nicer......so go there and look around or make one yourself.

MARCH 29 2006

MARCH 28 2006


"Artists from DaVinci to Botticelli have embedded subliminal images into their art for centuries," said Calace. "In this case we found penises on crucifixes, anarchy symbols, swastikas, demonic faces and in modern works even the word 'sex' encrypted into the images. The works in question include modern artists' work currently on the covers of missalettes and hymnals that at this very moment sit in the pews of churches throughout the U.S. and on children's religious teaching aids."
-How do I sign up for freelance work like this??? Here's the article.

Speaking of the End Times....the decline of Western civilization can now be summed up in 2 words - "Oceans 13" - yes, that's right. I just heard they're actually making it - a sequal to the worst fucking movie to plague us since The Avengers. Sure, Oceans 11 was alright, but Oceans 12 was the most horrific loss of 90 minutes of my life in recent memory. The fact that they are making a third is proof that there's absolutely no accountability left in this world and that the insufferable mediocrities of both Heaven and Hell are already being visited upon us. Would somebody please burn Hollywood to the ground!

MARCH 26 2006

Coming soon - seductive music for the asexual in your life:






"I'm just a symptom of the moral decay that's knawing at the heart of the country."
-Matt Johnson


“Commercials are an unnatural use of my work, ... It's like having a cow's udder sewn to the side of my face. Painful and humiliating.”
-Tom Waits


"What the hell is a hippie cult leader?"
-Chuck Manson


"She does a raindance in my room then assumes a dive position"
-Nick Cave


"Sometimes I doubt your commitment to Sparkle Motion!"
-"Donnie Darko"


"I'm looking for one new value but nothing comes my way"
-Iggy Pop


"Only sick music makes money today"
-Fred Nietzsche


" The secret of life is to appreciate the pleasure of being terribly, terribly deceived."
-Oscar Wilde